Have one of these 3 zodiac signs? Chances are 2018 will be a bad year of love for you…


These three signs will have a tough year when it comes to love

Some people think it’s nonsense, while to others it’s close to a religion: zodiac signs and horoscopes. According to some, a person’s zodiac sign can tell you a lot about their personality and preferences. For example, you can find out whether they’re more likely to cheat or what resolutions for 2018 would fit them best.

Your zodiac sign can also help you somewhat predict the future, for example when it comes to love. American website Elite Daily has found out that there are three zodiac signs that run the risk of having their heart broken…


The Libra greatly values balance and inner harmony. That’s why you hate chaos and lack of clarity, but unfortunately that’s exactly what’s waiting for you this year. Your relationship might hit a rough patch and you won’t know what’s causing it. If you’re single, you’re not sure where you’re at and you have trouble making sense of your feelings. Try taking a look at the situation from a distance to find your harmony again.


A Gemini in love has a tendency to conform to the wants and needs of the person they love and to change their whole life for them. This will backfire this year, and you will really have to go in search of yourself. This is the year for self-discovery, and love will come second. A pity? Perhaps, but that soulmate can wait for a little bit. Are you in a relationship that’s not running entirely smoothly? Try doing some more things for yourself.


You might be hurt by someone you love this year. That’s why it’s high time to clean house: you’ll have to say goodbye to some people and some things. That sweet teddy bear your last ex gave you? Throw it out. The contact you still have with that one person that doesn’t want to commit to a relationship? Stop it straight away! Only by doing these things will you be able to move on in life and love.

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image: Pexels