This lady in a wheelchair couldn’t climb the stairs, but watch what happens when she pushes the button


This is unbelievable

Although many buildings and public areas have ramps and elevators, even in our modern world there are many public places that do not have wheelchair access. When looking at the picture, it seems as if this woman wouldn’t be able to enter, as the stone steps are not wheelchair proof and there is no ramp for her to use. However, when she pushes the button for wheelchair users, something amazing happens.

This trick can make every building wheelchair-accessible.


Unfortunately, even in this day and age, not all public places are wheelchair-accessible. Especially older buildings often do not have enough place to build a ramp or a platform elevator for wheelchair users. Most public buildings try to make do with a ramp at the back of the building or someone has to come out and place a makeshift ramp. This is incredibly inconvenient and there are much better solutions.


However, the company Allgood Trio thought it was unacceptable that many public buildings weren’t wheelchair-accessible. Therefore, they came up with a solution which meant the building did not have to change it’s exterior, but it would be accessible to everyone. It’s a very practical solution, but from the outside the building doesn’t look any different at all.

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