This is what the size of your thumb says about you. Check yours now!

Thumb A

People with this kind of thumb, where the top part is bigger than the bottom part, are believed to be more passionate about their partner. They are also supposed to be more faithful to them. People with a thumb like this will always choose their relationship over anything else in their lives. Their career, their hobby’s, nothing is as important to them as their partner.

Is the bottom half of your thumb larger than the top half, or are both halves equal in size? Continue on to the next page!

Thumb B

Are both halves of your thumb the same size? Then you are said to be very calm and composed when it comes to a relationship. You don’t let your emotions carry you away. You set a goal, plan it out and stick to it. You’re levelheaded and don’t succumb to passionate obsessions. This also means that it’s harder for you to fall in love.

Is the bottom half of your thumb bigger than the top part? Continue on to the next page!

Thumb C

If the bottom half of your thumb is bigger than the top part, you are very reliable and trustworthy. You think before you act. When you finally go all-in for someone, there’s a high chance that that person is the one for you. You wont settle for less. But once you’ve found that special person, you’re able to get very passionate about them. Good for you!

Source: AllIndiaRoundUp