Six small things you can do for a better night’s sleep

Put your phone away three hours before bed.

If you want to be in dreamland by eleven o’clock, it sounds a bit extreme to put your phone away at eight o’clock. It takes some getting used to, but according to lifestyle website, Her, it makes a big difference.

Create a playlist with calming music

Some enjoy scrolling through Facebook before going to sleep, but you could also listen to calming music before going to bed. On Spotify, you can compile a list of your preferred songs. Instead of talking on the phone before you go to bed, listen to the calming music you have chosen, and you will fall asleep a lot more relaxed.

Invest in good bedding

Bed linen from discount stores may be cheap, but does it really help you to sleep well? No, it doesn’t, even if you wash it regularly. Invest in good bedding that suits your preference. Good bedding also promotes your night’s sleep.

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Bron: Her | Beeld: Pexels