‘Queen Elizabeth is furious with Meghan and here’s why’


The royal family is all but enthusiastic about all the tea being spilled. “The fact that Meghan will be getting riled up about small things isn’t what upsets the queen. She sees her participation as a betrayal and will revoke her earlier promise to allow Harry and Meghan to re-enter the royal house.” Oh dear…

On top of all that, Harry risked losing his honorary military titles and Meghan risked her function as patroness of the National Theatre. That’s a big deal. These sanctions haven’t officially been set, but royal sources say there’s a big chance they will be soon. This means the Sussexers will lose all remaining ties they have to the royal organizations. What the real consequences of the interview are, are still unknown. One thing we do know for sure is that Meghan and Harry were no longer official working members from the Royal Family before the interview even happened.

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Source: Daily Mail / Image: BrunoPress