Amazing: neglected dog Bob undergoes a complete metamorphosis

neglected dog
You won’t recognise this neglected dog after his makeover!

Sometimes we come across heartbreaking stories about animals that have been neglected or abused. This story about neglected dog Bob is one of those stories. Animal Control took in this dog, whose long hair was completely knotted. After his metamorphosis, we can hardly recognise Bob!

The neglected animal seems like a completely different dog after his metamorphosis.


Dutch Animal Control found Bob at a lake in Rotterdam. The dog was neglected and completely covered in knots, which made it impossible to even see his eyes. Volunteers took the dog to an animal shelter close by. Here, some wonderful volunteers immediately got their hands dirty to get him back to being healthy and clean again.

Neglected dog

Bob even had a lot of trouble walking because of all the knots in this long fur. He was also covered in fleas and had very bad teeth. During the examination, the vet found out that Bob is a male dog between six and ten years old. To combat the pain the poor dog was in, he got some painkillers and his first flea treatment.

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