This is the reason why Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte always wear matching outfits


If Kate wears stripes, Charlotte wears stripes. Kate is wearing a pastel colour? Then so is Princess Charlotte. Perhaps not everyone had noticed it yet, but the Duchess and her daughter love to wear coordinated outfits. The two often wear the same colour or the same motif, and it turns out this is not a coincidence.

Family values

Apparently, the outfits are matched to show the family as a front and to create a type of family ‘brand’. Clothing expert Damien Woolnough explains: “When you’re the most photographed family on the planet coordinating your look is a great way to preserve the Cambridge family brand. There’s a retro feeling to this approach, which taps into nostalgic family values.” According to Damien, Kate makes sure the coordinated outfits aren’t too obvious by choosing colours that are similar but not the same. That way, Kate and Charlotte make a strong impression without being too conspicuous.

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Source: Her | Image: videostill