Horse Hugs Pregnant Woman – Doctor Sees Ultrasound And Calls Police

The horse may have saved the woman’s life

Horses are similar to humans in many different ways. But what many people don’t know is that horses are also able to sense energies and emotions that we sometimes cannot. A horse sensed something with its sixth sense that may have saved the life of a British woman. We tell you this bizarre story.

Sad horse

A British woman named Jolene Jonas has had a very bizarre experience with a horse. When she and her fiancé found out Jolene was pregnant, they were overjoyed. However, when they went to see their horse, the horse was anything but happy.

Indeed, the horse seemed a little sad. Jolene and her husband decided to go to the doctor after this strange moment, just to be sure. When the doctor saw the ultrasound, he immediately reported it to the police. The doctor had never experienced anything like this before and was completely in shock.