The craziest stories about a crazy genius: ‘Steve Jobs smelled awful’

Steve Jobs

It wasn’t rare to see him put his dirty feet on the table while out in public

The fact that we spend half our time on our smartphones isn’t our own fault, but that of Steve Jobs (1995-2011). Few people have had as much of an impact on our way of life than the Apple tycoon.

Allergic to soap

At Atari, the gaming computer company where his professional career started, they were more than happy with Steve jobs as he was uber smart and full of ideas. However, they didn’t want him to come into work. Not during the day, at least. The reason: Steve Jobs stunk. And not just a little bit like most of us from time to time. Steve Jobs smelled awful from sunup to sundown. The cause was simple: he never bathed. And his colleagues at Atari suffered because of it. Jobs skipped out on showering and taking baths because he was a hippy. And personal hygiene was at the bottom of the list for hippies.

The man who would grow up to be a tech giant was also known as being extremely lazy. On the rare occasion that he got out of bed or off his chair, he was even too lazy to put on shoes. This meant that his feet were so disgusting that even his hippy friends, who were used to a bit of nastiness, didn’t even dare to look at them. The man who made Apple the most influential company in the world found it funny. He didn’t give a sh*t. To make matters worse, it wasn’t rare to see him put his dirty feet on the table while out in public.

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