The craziest stories about a crazy genius: ‘Steve Jobs smelled awful’

Inedible Apples

The Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher, prepared so thoroughly for his lead role in the biopic Jobs that he ended up in the hospital in 2013. Diagnosis: pancreatic problems as a result of unilateral eating.

He became a fruitarian, just like Jobs in the 70’s.

They eat, as the name suggests, fruit. Some fruitarians eat nuts and seeds from time to time but a few lunatics, including Jobs of course, stick solely to fruit. You’d think that such a healthy, natural diet would be healthy, but eating only fruit is just as unhealthy as living off of lukewarm beer or greasy sausages. By only eating fruit you miss out on essential fatty acids and vitamin B, according to science.

With all the consequences it entails, therefore.

Jobs found that just eating fruit was still too diverse; there were periods of time that he strictly ate apples or pears for weeks on end. The first diet led to him being on the toilet constantly, the second seemed to be a genius move. Besides his breath, which was all but fruity, it gave him the inspiration for the name of the small company he started in Cupertino, California in 1976.

Even after the 70’s, Jobs kept up with his crazy regimes. Towards the end of his life, he tried to battle his cancer with strict diets. He eventually opted for the traditional treatment. Drinking was a much simpler topic for him. He only drank tea throughout his entire adult life.

Manager from hell

Was Jobs a self-righteous, manipulative asshole that wasn’t at all interested in those who were not on his level?

Yes. In New York, he once sent an assistant out to a flower shop in the middle of the night because he didn’t think the lilies they already had paired well with the presentation of the new Apple computer that was taking place the next day. Jobs got his girlfriend pregnant but denied it… up until the daughter was 14 years old.

Her mother had lived off of government assistance and did everything she could just to get food on the table while Jobs got richer and richer.

Jobs cursed out anyone around him whenever he wanted. At meetings he didn’t conduct himself or if he wasn’t interested in the topic, he would start throwing tantrums like a 10-year-old little boy. Combining his genius with being a full-time jerk initially cost him his head. Jobs was pushed out of his own Apple by John Scully, a marketing man who had been lured away from Pepsi by Jobs himself. But Scully got away with it; At the time of his release, Jobs was arguing with everyone involved in the company, from the programmers to the coffee machine maintenance technician. Much, much later, Jobs said that getting fired was the best thing that could happen to him. After Apple, he founded Next and Pixar, both failures in the beginning, until Apple decided they wanted Jobs back in 1995, more than a decade after he was laid off, because of the brilliant software he wrote for Next. Both Next and Apple were close to bankruptcy at the time, but when they joined forces, everything came together. Jobs then became the marketing leader for Apple. Albeit, a pain in the ass marketing leader.

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