15 Things We Consider Normal But Are Forbidden In North Korea

From blue jeans to hot water

The dictatorial state of North Korea mainly makes the news whenever they launch nuclear test missiles and/or propaganda. Want to know what goes on behind their strictly closed borders? Continue reading, as in this article we’ll tell you about 15 very particular rules in this Asian country!

1. Creative haircut? Didn’t think so!

Imagine the police picking you off the street because they feel your haircut doesn’t fit with government guidelines! In North Korea this is quite likely to happen. Hairdressers and barbers have to follow strict rules: men must have their hair cut above their ears. Women are recommended to get a bob cut down to their chin after Kim Jong Un praised the look.

2. Reusing menstrual products

Being on your period is unpleasant enough as is, but North Korea adds another layer of hassle to the entire experience. You see, Tampons, pads and panty liners are a rarity. Instead, pieces of regular old fabric are used for the same purpose, that are then washed and reused. However, there are exceptions to this rule…

3. Separated shopping for foreigners

…as there are separate stores for foreigners. Here you’ll find products that the general populace of North Korea will either find strange or forbidden. The opposite is true as well: tourists from outside of North Korea are not allowed to enter any stores meant for locals.

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