Why You Can’t Get Cling Wrap Off The Roll Neatly And What To Do About It


This isn’t the first time we’ve shared tips using cling wrap. It can be used to help keep food good longer, poach eggs, and we use it all sorts of different recipes. But we’re surely not the only ones who don’t always see eye to eye with the handy material. Its endless ways of being useful don’t take away from how annoying it can be to work with. It always ends up sticking to itself, comes off jagged and crooked, and even trying to find where the roll starts is a painstaking struggle. Buuuut, it turns out there’s a simple hack to eliminate the problem. The only thing you need is a refrigerator! 


De Telegraaf has written about this lifehack before, and the magazine Margriet put the hack to the test. Margriet writes that they kept the roll in the fridge for half a day and then tried to use it. And what happened? “The first thing I noticed when I took the roll out of the fridge was how easy it was to unwrap it. The plastic didn’t stick to the roll as much and ripping it off was quite a bit easier and definitely not as jagged.” Wow! 

How it works 

According to the Telegraaf, there’s a scientific explanation for why this trick works. Here’s the deal: cling wrap is filled with tiny positive charges. It’s similar to when you’re full of static energy: everything sticks to you. The lower temperature helps reduce these electrically charged particles which makes the cling wrap easier to handle. Once it gets back to room temperature, it’ll be just as sticky as it was. Perfect for covering a bowl of leftovers for example! 

Source: MargrietDe Telegraaf | Image: Pexels