This is why you should put an aloe vera plant in a banana

Aloe vera in banana

The question is of course, what does a banana have to do with aloe vera? It is actually quite simple; the aloe vera plant cannot grow new leaves, so it is important to cut the plant correctly. A banana is the perfect fruit for growing a new aloe vera plant. Leave the skin around the banana and cut out a small square in the middle. Insert a piece of the aloe vera plant and leave it for at least one day. The banana will turn brown, but when you remove the piece of aloe vera from the banana, you will see that the plant has many new roots! After that, make up a mixture of clean sand and garden compost, and plant the new aloe vera roots in this mixture. In no time, you will have grown a completely new aloe vera plant!

Watch the video below for instructions and many more useful tips:

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