Follow these steps and your wood patio furniture will look as good as new again

Step 5: sanding

It might just be that your paintbrush has left some hairs on the painted furniture. Lightly sand away any of these imperfections. If you want to apply the final coat of paint within 24 hours, you should lightly sand the entire piece of furniture anyway.

Step 6: painting

The final step is to give the piece of furniture a final layer of paint. Apply the coat of paint and leave it to dry properly. It’s possible that one coat of paint isn’t enough and the furniture wants another layer.


Although you’re doing great if you keep to these six steps, it’s also important to look at your specific circumstances. For example, the ideal temperature to paint in is between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. You also have to make sure the nighttime temperature doesn’t fall any lower than five degrees. If it does, the paint won’t dry properly. The same goes for when it’s windy: always make sure your wood patio furniture dries in a windless spot.

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Image: Libelle België | Image: Pixabay