This dolphin was acting strangely and then divers discovered why

Bizarre eye-less creature with dolphin-like head washes up on beach in  Mexico - Mirror Online

What an amazing thing to witness!

Dolphins are very special animals, as the dolphin in this video proves. Divers noticed the animal was swimming in circles near the bottom of the sea. The divers were confused at first, but then they realised what they were witnessing and they started filming the special moment.

Such wonderful animals!


Dolphins are special animals that mainly live in the more shallow parts of the sea. Just like whales, dolphins are known for their intelligence: they have relatively big brains and it’s even been proven that they can recognise themselves in a mirror. They can also call each other over with a characteristic whistling noise, which researchers say is the equivalent of people calling each other by their names. Besides all this, the animals are also capable of experiencing complex emotions.


The animals are also known for their ability to interact socially with each other. They’re social creatures who live in large groups of other dolphins. They don’t just have a lot of contact with other dolphins: because of their curious and playful natures they also often interact with other types of animals, like people. Dolphins can often be spotted swimming along with boats. The dolphin in this video also proves it’s very social.


Divers spotted this dolphin when it was swimming in circles near the bottom of the ocean. At first, the divers thought the dolphin was simply curious and that she was swimming around them for that reason. But when they took a closer look they noticed something very strange about the belly of the dolphin and they realised why the dolphin was trying to get their attention. Something very special was happening! Watch the beautiful video on the next page.