Just dream away: beautiful and unique hotels in the world

These hotels are so special, you don’t really want to go outside

We can daydream for hours about the most beautiful travel destinations. Sometimes the hotel alone is special enough. The unique hotels below prove that.

Golden Crown Levin Inglut, Levi, Finland

The northern lights seem magical to us, but imagine staring at the northern lights from your hotel bed. There is nothing better, right? In Levi, Finland, there are 18 igloos from which you can view this natural wonder. The igloos have a kitchenette, a double bed and even a bath. And you don’t have to worry about the cold. The windows are insulated and heated to prevent fogging.

Manta Resort, Pemba, Zanzibar

From the most beautiful colors in the sky, we go to a blue sea. The Manta Resort not only has beautiful beach villas on the small island of Pemba, you can also book a very special room. As the name implies, in the Underwater Room you sleep underwater. From your bed you can enjoy the many colorful coral fish that swim past the large windows. There is also plenty to see at night, as the spotlights highlight fish swimming past the windows, and which attract octopuses. On the floor above the bedroom, which is at sea level, there is a small living area and bathroom. And, of course, you can sunbathe on the roof terrace, look out over the sea and enjoy the starry sky in the evening.

Kokopelli’s Cave, New Mexico, United States

Sleeping in a cave may not sound inviting to everyone. But when you see this bed and breakfast, you’ll probably think differently. Kokopelli’s Cave is located nearly 100 meters above the La Plata River. The cave, which is somewhat like a donut, was carved out of the stone by geologist, Bruce Black. At first, he wanted to use the space as an office, but turned it into a bed and breakfast, complete with a Jacuzzi and waterfall shower, a kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, and a balcony overlooking the vast desert landscape.


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