Six mistakes that can ruin your mattress

3. You don’t clean your mattress

Be honest: when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Cleaning your mattress regularly is important if you want it to last a long time. Therefore, clean it every three months. You can for example clean your mattress with some baking soda.

4. Your children use it as a trampoline

Even though it’s a lot of fun for kids to jump on the bed, it’s definitely not a good idea. A box spring is not made to be jumped on, and if the springs in your mattress are damaged, it will no longer offer the support you need.

5. You keep the curtains closed

Dust mites and bacteria thrive in dark, musty environments. It is therefore important to open your curtains each morning, don’t make your bed immediately, and if possible, leave a window slightly open. That way, your mattress can breathe, and it will continue to smell fresh.

6. You don’t wash your bedding often enough

As we mentioned earlier, dust mites, dead skin cells or sweat can easily get into your mattress. You can prevent this by using a mattress protector, and also by changing your bed linen regularly, ideally about once a week.

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