Pesky flies bothering you? This is how to get rid of them

When the weather is nice enough, we usually like to open our doors and windows to let in the light summer breeze. Use a screen door if you have one to try and keep insects outside.

Keep them away

Have those pesky flies already moved in? You could kill them with a flyswatter, but this is an annoying task and can ruin your walls and furniture when you squash a fly. You could instead try to fill a few transparent plastic baggies with water and hang them in the rooms flies like to chill out in. Because of the enlarging effect these baggies have, the flies get scared away. Do you prefer to get rid of them once and for all, read on.

Catch them

To catch the flies you can make your own trap. Take a big plastic bottle and cut it in half. Use a little bit of liver sausage or squash syrup and put this in the bottom of the bottle. Turn the top of the bottle upside down and place it in the bottom to make a kind of funnel shape. Do take off the cap. The flies can get into the bottle, but they will have trouble finding their way out. Once you trapped a few flies, you can take them out. If you use sausage, you should probably put this trap outside, as the meat will develop a smell. If you use syrup, be aware the flies will get stuck in the sugary substance.

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