After you’ve read this you’ll never throw away a brown banana again!

Brown bananas

Japanese research has proven that ripe bananas contain much more antioxidants than their green counterparts. When a banana has lots for brown freckles, it’s healthier than green or light yellow bananas. The more brown flecks, the healthier. Brownish bananas are also sweeter than lighter variants and they’re better for your immune system.


Ripe bananas are full of antioxidants. These antioxidants can protect your cells from being damaged and protect you against all kinds of diseases and afflictions. They also give your immune system a boost.


There is lots of research going on about the so-called Tumor Necrosis Factor in ripe bananas. This factor can kill abnormal and cancerous cells.


Ripe bananas can counter acid, meaning they will calm down your heartburn. Bananas will line and protect the stomach, protecting you from acid and heartburn.


Bananas are very good for your heart. Ripe bananas lower your cholesterol and the fibres in bananas can lower the chance of heart and vascular diseases.


Just like bananas alleviate muscle cramps they can also alleviate PMS cramps. Try to eat a ripe banana when you feel cramps, the potassium in them will relax your muscles and calm you down.

We’ll never throw away flecked bananas again in our lives! What do you usually do with bananas that have gone brown?

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Source: India Today | Image: Pixabay