Do you suffer from dry hands? These are ways to easily get rid of dryness!

3. Take a beauty sleep

And by that we mean just at night! Coat your hands with a thick layer of cream and put on cotton gloves before you go to bed. The next morning you will notice how hydrated your hands are. You can find cotton gloves at the drugstore or pharmacy.

4. Warm your hands

Warm hands have better blood flow. This blood flow indirectly ensures renewal of the skin cells and a stronger connective tissue. Warmer hands therefore retain more moisture and dry out less quickly. So, occasionally shake your hands to start the blood flow, or rub your hands to warm them.

5. Do not use too many disinfectant gels

These gels usually have high levels of alcohol, which is intended to kill bacteria, but the alcohol also dries out your hands severely. Avoiding hand gel altogether may not be a good idea now that you want to sanitize your hands regularly, but choosing water and soap more often is better for your skin.

6. Wear household gloves

Washing your hands isn’t the only thing that dries out your hands. Household chores like washing dishes and cleaning windows have the same effect. For velvety hands, it is better to use household gloves, or of course, leave the dishes to your partner.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Unsplash