Victim warns: never put your feet up on the dashboard


It might seem innocent, but putting your feet up on the dashboard is actually very dangerous

You’ve got a long car journey ahead of you so you want to make things as comfortable as possible for yourself. Snacks, drink, good music: you’re ready for the journey. While someone else is driving, you can relax for a bit in the passenger seat. Putting your feet up on the dashboard makes for the ultimate relaxation, right? Maybe for a bit, but it can end pretty badly…

Luckily, Irish Gráinne Kealy lives to tell the tale.

Car accident

Thirty-five-year-old Gráinne Kealy has warned people through her Facebook page to not put their feet up on the dashboard. When she was 22, she got into a car accident that ended badly for her, partly because she had her feet up on the dashboard. She was in the car with her boyfriend when she decided to stretch her legs, not knowing her feet were lying directly on top of the airbag.


Everything was fine until the car started to slip on some ice on the road. Gráinne and her boyfriend crashed into a wall. Because of the crash, the airbag inflated right where her feet were positioned. Gráinne’s knees knocked into her face with enormous force. Because airbags inflate with such speed, the impact of the crash and the airbag together caused her to hit herself in the face with her knees at a speed of 322 kilometres per hour.

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