Things you didn’t know about left-handed people

They are more intelligent

Yes, being left-handed can also have its advantages. A study conducted in 2007 shows that left-handed people generally have a higher IQ. Unfortunately, we do not exactly know how this works. To make it even more confusing, in 2010 another study claimed the exact opposite.

More left-handed men

The sex differences in a left-handedness survey from 2008 showed that men are more often left-handed than women. The researchers examined the data of 144 left-handed people and found that men are more often left-handed, to be precise: in men we see it 23 percent more often than in women.

Better in multitasking

Data collected by the Illinois Research Consortium shows that left-handed people are better at multitasking than right-handed people. It also appears that left-handed people can remember things better than right-handed people.

See faster underwater

We don’t really know how it was researched, but apparently a neurologist discovered that the vision of left-handed people adjusts faster when they are underwater than the vision of right-handed people.

The tongue-roll

Sometimes, as a joke, we ask if anyone can roll up the sides of their tongue. Not everyone can do it, and apparently fewer left-handed people can do it. And according to research apparently only 62.8 percent of left-handed people can get their tongue in a roll, compared to 74.8 percent of right-handed people.

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