You’ll never clean your ears with a cotton swab again after reading this!

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You’d better not clean your ears with a cotton swab

We bet you’ve done this regularly or might still do it: cleaning your ears with a cotton swab. It’s easy and effective, because you can reach everything and your ears will be super clean again. It sounds logical and harmless, but it definitely isn’t.

Did you know a cotton swab can actually do quite some damage to your ears?

Vicious circle

By using a cotton swab to clean your ears you’re actually pushing the ear wax further into your ears, which can damage them. Plus, you’re really putting a vicious circle into motion. Ear wax is only produced at the beginning of your ear canal which means it should really only be accumulated there. You use cotton swabs to push it further into the ear canal which means there’s no wax left in the spot it should actually be. The result: more ear wax.

Stop doing it

Which you in turn remove with a cotton swab, after which your ear will start making more ear wax again. That way, you get stuck in a pattern you won’t be able to get out off anymore, except when you stop using cotton swabs. The only ear wax you need to remove is that which you can see at the beginning of your ear canal. That’s all. Does your ear wax really cause a problem for you? Then you could start using ear drops or you could visit the doctor to have your ears cleaned.

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Source: Women’s Health | Image: video still Brightside