This is what the colour of your urine can say about your health


What colour does your urine have?

Everybody pees; that’s a fact. It’s something we do multiple times a day when the urge strikes us. But do you ever take a look at your urine? It can tell you a lot about your health!

It’s important to know what your urine can tell you about your health.


The colour of your urine can give you a lot of information about your health. On average, we pee about one to two litres a day, divided over three to eight toilet visits. Of course, this depends on how much you drink during the day as well. It’s very good to take a good look at your urine every now and then and to see what colour it has. Your kidneys and urinary tract filter all toxins from your blood and these toxins leave your body via your urine. The colour, amount and composition can, therefore, tell you a lot about your physical health. Do you drink enough, are you eating enough vitamins or have you caught something?

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Disclaimer: this information is not an alternative to professional medical advice. In case of doubt, please contact your doctor.

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