These 5 things affect your skin without you knowing it

4. Your keyboard

Be honest: how often do you clean the keyboard of your computer or laptop? We’re guessing: hardly ever. And that’s pretty weird when you think about it, since you touch those keys almost every day. Here’s an alarming fact: research has found that your keyboard is 20,000 times more dirty than a toilet seat! That makes you feel queasy just thinking about it, right? So, remember to clean your keyboard on a regular basis!

5. Your phone screen

Your phone emits blue light without you noticing it. When you expose your eyes to this light for too long, you’ll have more trouble falling asleep at night. And, in turn, a lack of sleep has a bad effect on your skin. Plus, phones often have very bright screens that can cause you to squint at them. This will give you wrinkles in the long run. Turn down the brightness of your phone and put it to the side a bit more often and your skin will thank you.

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Source: PureWow | Image: Pexels

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