This Is How You Can Tell If Someone Has Had Plastic Surgery Done

You can recognise it by a number of things

These days it seems to be becoming more and more normal to visit the plastic surgeon. Lip fillers, botox or a tear duct treatment are some examples of things you can have done. Sometimes they are not even that noticeable and people only see it if they actually know the other person has had a treatment for it. Still, there are definitely landmarks by which you can tell if someone has had treatment done.

The best treatment at the plastic surgeon is subtle transformation. A transformation where people will think that you simply look young for your age, not where they think “oh, that person has had some adjustments”. We give you some examples that plastic surgery often gives away.

Pulled look

The most common feature by which a cosmetic procedure can be recognised is a “pulled look”. This is particularly noticeable in people who have had an old-fashioned facelift done. You can recognize this by bald spots in the temple, pulled-out earlobes, visible scars placed at the front of the face, instead of in the ear, wide, shaded scars and stretched lips. These are all telling signs of an ‘old’ facelift. The facial contour, so to speak, no longer looks natural.

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