7 things you didn’t know about Kate Middleton

Time to get to know the Princess of Wales!

Princess of Wales, mother to George, Charlotte and Louis ánd one of the most popular members of the royal family; Kate Middleton has it all. But even though her life is pretty out in the open considering she’s a public figure, there are some things that you might not know about her yet. 

1. Jordan

Kate was born in Reading, in England. But a lot of people don’t know that she has lived in Jordan for a period of time. Her father worked for British Airways and because of his job, the whole family had to move to Jordan. The Middletons lived there for two years and Kate even attended preschool there.

2. Nickname

Kate has a nickname that matches her sister’s. Her sister, Pippa Middleton, is called Pip for short. Kate’s nickname growing up was Squeak. Together, they’d be Pip and Squeak, like the children’s book with the same name.

3. Record

Did you know that Kate has a record to her name? We all knew she’s pretty sporty, but apparently she also broke a record during her time at St. Andrew’s School. She participated in a running event and she broke the record that still stands today.

4. Gap year

When Kate graduated from Marlborough College in 2000, she took a gap year. During that time she traveled to Florence and Chile and did some volunteer work.

5. Job

When Kate was younger, she worked as a waitress. She did this during her time at university. But apparently, she wasn’t very good. During The Great Baking Show, she revealed that she was “terrible”.

6. Make up

When we think about the royal family and their make up, we usually assume that they have a whole team of make up artists ready to help them look fabulous. But not Kate Middleton. It turns out that Kate even did her own make up for her wedding.

7. Baking

The Princess of Wales loves baking. And that means that whenever a birthday cake is needed, Kate bakes them herself. She told Hello! that she loves making cakes and that it turned into a family tradition.

Now you know a little more about Kate Middleton!

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Source: Beau Monde | Image: videostill