From the archives: This is what Margot Robbie used to look like.

After a good number of roles in successful films and series, Margot Robbie recently got the role that was made for her: that of Barbie. With Margot’s looks, we couldn’t imagine a better actress to play this iconic role, but what did she look like before? We dove into the archives.

Third choice

Since Margot Robbie has taken on the role of Barbie  in the highly anticipated film, we literally see her as Barbie herself. Yet she did not turn out to be director Greta Gerwig‘s first choice. There were two other ladies who would initially portray the iconic role. Both Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were previously cast as Barbie, but due to busy schedules, that party did not go ahead for both actresses.

We can hardly imagine it, but the arrows were thus not directly aimed at Margot. Nevertheless, she turned out to be an excellent choice for the iconic Barbie role. Long legs, check, blonde locks, check and a perfect toothpaste smile: check.

Barbie looks

Margot herself seems to understand that the role of Barbie is tailor-made for her. Filming for the movie has of course been going on for a long time, but the blonde doesn’t seem to want to leave her role just yet. On the pink carpet, she appears in one fashionable outfit after another that makes her look like a real-life Barbie doll. And of course it looks gorgeous on the blonde.

That Margot Robbie has the looks to play Barbie is obvious. But what did the actress actually look like before? You’ll see on the next page!