How much money does stand-up comedian Pete Davidson have?

Have you ever wondered just how rich the comedian is?

Pete Davidson is an American comedian and actor who was born in 1993. He has been one of the main cast members of Saturday Night Live since 2014. He’s also appeared on multiple other TV shows and does stand-up comedy shows. He first tried stand-up comedy at a Staten Island bowling alley at the age of sixteen, after being dared to go on stage by a group of friends.

Ever since, Pete has managed to make a lot of people around the world laugh. Recently, his private life has been the focus of most news stories about him. Apparently laughter is the key to even a famous woman’s heart, as is shown by his ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends. 

In the past, Pete has dated comedian Carly Aquilino, singer Ariana Grande, actresses Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Phoebe Dyvenor and model Kaia Gerber. As of November 2021, he has been dating the world-famous Kim Kardashian. 

Pete is dating a billionaire… But just how much money does he have himself? Find out on the next page!