You will never guess the interesting and weird hobbies these celebrities have


Find out what kind of hobbies your favorite celebrities participate in, and how weird some of them are!

With lives as glamorous as people like Beyoncé and Katy Perry are living, it is hard to imagine celebrities also taking time to unwind and participate in something as ordinary as a hobby. It is easy to think that in the life of a famous celeb, everything is just spotlights and glitter. But the stars also have time outside of their work which they spend on doing the things they love. And some of those things are very, very weird. 

Of course, with famous people having a lot more money to spend on their day to day activities, their hobbies might be very different from the ones you and I practice. Some might even be considered creepy. Did you know that some celebrities have some really disturbing collections at home or that many of them possess hidden talents that you never knew about? 

If you always wanted to know what Ryan Gosling does when he’s not acting: find out on the next pages. Some of these might really surprise you!