Wow: This is Adele’s enormous wealth

Adele has been on the charts for years. The singer has been releasing song after song, which of course brings in quite a bit of money. How much Adele now has in her bank account? Quite an amount we can tell you.

Successful singer

That Adele has a nice amount of British pounds or American dollars in her account, we have suspected for some time. She already blew away her fans with her previous songs Make You Feel My Love, Hello and Someone Like You and racked up 15 Grammy Awards. And again, after a six-year break, she reached the top of the charts again with her album 30.

Better than ever

Of course, for people around the world, Adele is the ultiéme soundtrack to a break-up. Adele herself also completed a nasty break-up in 2021 from ex-hubby Simon Konecki, with whom she had been together for nearly a decade at the time. In an interview, she spoke candidly about the breakup. “When I was 30, my whole life fell apart without warning. We kept it to ourselves for a long time. We had to take our time because there was a child involved.”

One of the hardest things about the breakup, Adele found how the divorce went for her infant son. “He asked really good, innocent questions that I didn’t have answers to. Like: ‘Why can’t you guys live together anymore?’ With my new album, I want to explain to him, when he’s in his 20s or 30s, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his entire life for my own happiness. It made him really unhappy. That’s a big wound for me, and I don’t know if it can ever heal completely.”

Anyway, Adele fortunately had a pretty penny to console herself with after her breakup from Simon. Wondering how much the singer is worth? Then read on!