Woman sees man crying at airport after he had to throw away a package

The package was saved

Both Rico and Ivelise felt sorry for the man. They hated to see the man like this. Because of this, Ivelise decided to give Rico a mission as they parted ways . She asked him if he would try to find out what was in the package. After all, Rico had brought her to the airport on his own and could therefore easily take the package home with him. That’s why he decided to retrieve the package from the trash can.


Of course, Ivelise was very curious about the contents of the package. After landing, she quickly turned on her phone to find out if Rico had been successful. When she saw what Rico had sent her, she understood what had made the man at the airport so sad.

A disappointing find

When Rico came home after driving Ivelise to the airport, he swiftly opened the package. Rico had expected to find something very special because of all the fuss at the airport. The content, however, was quite disappointing; a snow globe.


A snow globe

The snow globe perhaps was a bit disappointing at first. However, Rico soon discovered the emotional value behind it. It contained two pictures. The first picture was a little girl and the other picture was an older couple. That wasn’t all. The snow globe also played the song “Greensleeves”. Furthermore, the globe was engraved with the text “We love you Katie. Nana and Dad 01/25/16”.


Rico and Ivelise decided they had to take action. Curious to find out what happened to the snow globe? Then continue reading on the next page.