Incredible: separated twins find each other after 20 years thanks to TikTok

The twin sisters were separated at a young age

After more than 20 years, the 24-year-old twin sisters Treni and Trena could finally hold each other once again. The two were separated at a young age and coincidentally came across each other on the app TikTok.


The Indonesian twin sisters were born in 1996 on the island of Ambon. Shortly after being born, Treni and Trena were separated. Both babies were placed into separate families because the parents returned to Java, where they were from originally, and had to take care of a sick family member. The parents often visited their twin daughters in their adoptive homes. Due to unrest on the island of Ambon, the family was no longer able to visit Treni. Therefore, only Trena returned to live with her own parents.


Treni’s biological and adoptive family no longer had contact with each other. While Trena and her father were searching for the missing sister, Treni didn’t even know of her sister’s existence. Until a video popped up on her TikTok feed…

Discovered on TikTok

The video app, mostly known for crazy dances, nifty lifehacks, and lip-sync videos, can also lead to amazing reunions, as proven by Treni and Trena. “Trena’s neighbor showed her my TikTok videos who thought it was her because of our strong resemblance. Trena didn’t see it until her neighbors and our brothers and sisters also noticed the similarities,” Treni.

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