Photographer was hidden during Prince Philip’s funeral

Hidden Hideout

Just in front of St George’s Chapel, the church where the funeral took place, two fake pillars had been placed, one with a see-through window installed into it. This was the photographer’s unique position. “It felt like I was in a little birdhouse,” said Arthur Edwards. According to Edwards, this was the strangest place he had ever taken a photo. But not only this hidden hiding place was special.

Last time

He also had to say goodbye to his old friend like this. Edwards felt very emotional as the coffin passed by his fake pillar. “The last time I would see the man I photographed for 40 years. I was overwhelmed with memories of a wonderful man.”

Prince Charles

The grief of the royal family also touched the photographer very much. According to him, Prince Charles, Prince Philip’s eldest son, looked like he could burst into tears at any moment. “Charles looked like he was about to cry at any moment. You could tell in that moment that he realized the tasks that rest on him now, both when it comes to the care of his mother and the monarchy.”

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Source: | Image: BrunoPress