The 27 Funniest Beach Pictures (A few went too far…)

The most hilarious beach pictures on the internet

When you think of the beach, you probably imagine the sand, sun, the sea, surfing, sunbathing or building sand castles. But these hilarious beach pictures show that a lot of weird and funny stuff happens on the beach. We’ve collected the funniest pictures and can’t wait to show you! 


The lady in the front is too busy minding her own business, so she has no idea what kind of antics her friend is up to. Her friend must have slipped, because she’s doing a full faceplant on the sand now. Ouch! Even though we can imagine this is not the way you want to be photographed, it still makes for a very funny picture.

Beachside restaurant rules

This restaurant cares for your safety, but they also want you to pay your bill. This funny sign gives you a 3-step-program to follow in case of a tidal wave. Because a wave isn’t going to pay the bills, of course. It makes us think… Just how often does this restaurant have to deal with tidal waves? When do you even think of putting up a sign like this?