20 Things You Didn’t Know About Amish Women

These are facts that the Amish would rather not share with the world

The religious group in the Northeastern region of the United States are known for keeping their distance from modern technology but there are many more rules they have to follow. There are some especially strict restrictions for women.

If they don’t follow the rules they are punished or even driven out of the community. This means they can no longer see their friends or family. In a world where women have fought for the freedom in Western society, the life of the Amish looks like something you’d see back in the Middle Ages. We’ve put together twenty of the most bizarre rules and facts in one list.

Beneath the exterior of certain communities, there are many hidden intricacies that people are unaware of, particularly their rigidity. If you’re interested in gaining insight into some of the most conventional people in America, then you needn’t look any further than the stringent regulations of the Amish.

1. ‘Bundling’

Amish women are expected to always be polite, innocent, and almost child-like. There are numerous strict rules that must be followed when it comes to Amish relationships.

For example, sex before marriage is strictly prohibited. In order to strengthen the bond between couples, they engage in a ritual called ‘bundling.’ In this ritual, a wood plank is laid out on from end to end on the bed. This means the couple can’t touch each other while still being able to talk for hours.

2. They must serve their husbands

In contrast with modern society, women in the Amish community are not seen as equal to men. In fact, women are expected to follow any suggestion or wish her husband may have.

This includes cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children. Besides that, they really don’t get much of a say in anything.