Russian cows wear virtual reality headsets to reduce stress

More research

Currently, it is still unclear whether virtual reality headsets have actually increased milk production. This, then, requires more research. However,  an initial test showed that the cows with VR headsets experienced less stress than cows that did not wear virtual reality gear. Russian farmers aren’t the only ones trying to increase milk production by turning their cows into “happy cows.” Some Japanese farmers use so-called “mood lights” to keep their cows calm and satisfied. The cattle in this instance get to hear music on a few American farms.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a computer technology that lets you experience a completely different reality through special glasses. This technique has been used in video games for a while, but VR is no longer intended solely for entertainment. The technology is used in industries that you would never expect, such as other areas of agriculture, healthcare or the service sector.

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Source: CNN | Image: Videostill