A photo of a happy adopted dog was all the evidence the police needed

Pitbull adoptie

The same personalities

When Dan and Sir Wiggleton first met, it soon became apparent that the two both had bubbly personalities. The dog was very excited when the couple came to visit and he greeted them with his well-known happy dance moves. Dan and his girlfriend were certain. Sir Wiggleton would become their dog.


After a successful practice visit, the shelter saw that it was a good choice to go ahead with the adoption. Dan and his girlfriend became Sir Wiggleton’s new owners, and the four-legged friend had a new home. After nearly 100 days in the shelter, the dog was given a new name. Dan and his girlfriend decided to name the dog Diggy.


Diggy quickly learned new manners and tricks from his owners. He woke Dan up every day with a lick in his face. Diggy was a perfect fit for the household. In addition, Diggy grew into a real social media star. They never imagined that Diggy would go viral and get a whopping 24,000 likes within a few days.

Pitbull adoptie 

Good Morning America

A popular photo of Dan and Diggy was even picked up by Good Morning America. The two were part of an item on the TV show. But all of their success led to something unexpected. There were people who saw alarming things in the picture. One day the police showed up at Dan’s door.

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