Here’s why you should put a ball of aluminum foil in your dishwasher

TikTok Hack

On the video platform TikTok we see lots and lots of brilliant housekeeping hacks. This is how we learned about the pros of using a ball of aluminum foil in the dishwasher. This life hack is so easy that we’re definitely going to try it. Everyone has a roll of aluminum foil at home and we all want clean dishes without too much hassle!

Shiny Silverware

Forks, spoons, and especially knives often come out of the dishwasher still looking dirty. The ball of aluminum foil makes sure that it comes out extra clean according to the Australian Caroline McCauley on TikTok. Your silverware will look as clean as the day you bought it. And it’s not because the foil scrubs the filth off of your silverware, it has to do with a chemical reaction between the aluminum and the ingredients in your dishwasher pods.

This is how you do it

Even a kid can do the dishes! Make a ball from a piece of aluminum foil and place it in the silverware basket of the dishwasher. Then run it on the standard setting and don’t forget the dishwasher pad. Your cutlery will now come out of the machine looking radiant! You can see it in the video below:

@carolina.mccauley🍴 This dishwasher hack will leave your silverware sparkling ✨ #kitchenhacks #homehacks #dailyhacks #cleaningmotivation #hometips♬ 1 step forward, 3 steps back – Olivia Rodrigo

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Source: TikTok | Image: Unsplash, Teslariu Mihai