This is why you must always put a coin in the freezer before going on holiday!

Away from home

The trick to discovering whether there has been a power outage while you were away is to put a coin in your freezer. The American woman Sheila Russell thought of this brilliant hack! She realised freezing a coin is the perfect trick to deduct a power cut. Simply fill a plastic cup with water and put it upright in the freezer. Wait until the water is completely frozen and then put a coin on top of it. When you come home from your holiday, and the coin turns up at the bottom of the cup, you know your freezer has thawed.

Broken freezer

This is also a useful tip for people who are having problems with their freezer. If your freezer has the habit of turning off by itself, simply put a cup of ice with a coin on top in your freezer to easily see if the freezer has warmed up. Regularly check back to see if your freezer is truly broken.


Did you know you can’t just freeze anything you like? Lots of people put their leftover food in Tupperware and dump it in the freezer for later use, but not every meal is good for this. Pasta and rice lose their taste and their consistency will go slimy and gooey.

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