Mother puts camera in her daughter’s room and what she sees is shocking

A strange voice

Once in the room, Alyssa heard a strange male voice. The eight-year-old went looking for the voice. Teddy bears, dolls, all corners of the room were searched. Then the voice starts screaming and shouting strange things, much to Alyssa’s panic.

One step further

The voice changes to hummed tune. The humming then turns back into a voice that’s trying to get the girl to say awful things about her mother. The hacker makes things even worse by encouraging the eight-year-old to turn the house upside down. When the hacker says he is her worst nightmare, Alyssa panics and leaves the room.

Contact with the manufacturer

Finally, Ashley learns what happened to her daughter. She watches the video on the app it comes with and sprints home as fast as she can after hearing the strange voice. The family decided to reach out to the manufacturer after realizing that the hacker was targeting young kids.

No apologies

After numerous attempts they finally get in contact with the company. But they weren’t quick to accept the blame. According to the company, the parents should have chosen a more secure password. However, the company decided to, according to them, take the case more seriously to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

Not soon forgotten

One thing is sure. Today’s new technology comes not only with comfort, but with danger as well. This family surely won’t soon forget.

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Source: Daily Story / Image: Unsplash, Brock Wegner