This tip can help you keep your lawn green all throughout the year

Green grass

The reason why you should let your grass grow a little bit longer has to do with the fact that the grass dehydrates more if you cut it too short. Besides that, brown spots will appear more quickly during warm and dry weather if the grass is too short. When the grass grows a little higher, the roots also grow deeper into the earth, which causes the blades to become stronger and greener. If you mow the grass too short, there’s a chance you damage the roots. Besides, higher grass is also beneficial for biodiversity since it causes more variety and will attract more small, pollinating insects. A healthy, green lawn is good for people and nature!

Extra tip

One last tip to give your lawn an extra boost is to leave the freshly mown grass on the lawn for a little while. That way, the grass needs 30 per cent less fertiliser to grow. Apart from that, it also causes less water to evaporate, which means the grass can go without being sprinkled for longer. It’s environmentally friendly and good for your lawn. What more could you want?

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