This is what an egg yolk can tell you about the health of the chicken


The one thing we know to be true right now is that egg yolks come in different colours; they can range from dark orange to light yellow. But what does this mean?! Apparently, it doesn’t say anything about the chicken’s health or lifestyle, or about how healthy the yolk is for the person who eats it. All it tells you is what the chicken has been eating before it lay the egg. If the food the chicken ate contained a lot of wheat, the yolk will be yellow. However, if the chicken had a more balanced diet with corn and alfalfa, for example, the yolk will be darker of colour. This is due to the carotene in the corn and alfalfa.


All of this has no impact whatsoever on the nutritional value or the taste of the egg. Egg yolks contain vitamins A, D, E and K regardless of their colour and they all taste the same. Plus, while we prefer to buy organic eggs instead of eggs laid by chickens that are kept in close captivity, the truth is that the living conditions of the chicken have no influence on how healthy the egg is.

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Source: Ei Ei Ei | Image: video still

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