10 warning signs of bad blood circulation

5. Constant fatigue

Are you constantly feeling tired? When your blood circulation isn’t working properly, your muscles don’t get enough oxygen, which means it takes much longer for you to replenish your energy even after the smallest of tasks.

4. Pain in your feet

If your feet are cold or throbbing with pain, it’s likely to be due to poor blood circulation

3. Wounds don’t heal quickly

When your blood doesn’t circulate properly, oxygen will have trouble reaching your lower body parts. Wounds need oxygen to heal and if they don’t get the oxygen they need, it will take a lot longer than usual for them to heal.

2. Angina

If you experience pain in your chest that is so intense that it spreads to your arms, neck and shoulders, you’re experiencing angina. This is caused by not enough blood flowing to the heart. If you’ve got these symptoms, visit a doctor immediately.

1. Oedema

Oedema is a kind of swelling in your feet, ankles or abdominal muscles. This happens when too much blood builds up in these spots. If this happens to you, you should contact your doctor to determine the right treatment.

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