These are 5 products you should always store in the fridge

Should you store these things in the pantry or in the fridge?

Cheese and meat go in the fridge; that’s an absolute no-brainer, of course. The same goes for the fact that you keep your peanut butter and cereals in the cupboard. For some things you know exactly where you should store them. With other stuff, though, there seems to be quite a bit of discussion about what to do with them, as is the case with these five food items we’ve got for you today. You should definitely be storing these things in the fridge from now on.

Always put these in the fridge.


This is a clear number one when it comes to the amount of discussion that exists about where you should store them. Some people always store eggs in the fridge while others just put them in the pantry or a kitchen cupboard. The supermarket keeps the cartons of eggs on a simple, uncooled shelf, so why shouldn’t we? Well, there’s actually a good reason. Supermarkets don’t keep the eggs cooled because then condensation would arise when you’re taking them home. And moisture equals more bacteria. Nevertheless, it’s best to put the eggs into the fridge as soon as you get home so you’ll give the bacteria less of a chance to grow. Store them in the fridge, inside their carton, to keep them as dry as possible.


Mayonnaise is also one of those items that’s simply kept on a shelf in the supermarket. This is because it’s been vacuum-sealed very well, which means no bacteria are able to get inside. Once you’ve opened the jar of mayonnaise, though, the bacteria will be able to grow there. Because mayonnaise is made out of eggs, this could even lead to salmonella. So, just put a jar of mayonnaise in the fridge after you’ve opened it!

Long-life milk

It’s in the name, isn’t it: long-life milk has a longer shelf life. But this is only true for when you haven’t opened the carton yet. Once opened, the milk will go bad just as quickly as regular milk. That’s why you should always store the long-life milk in the fridge and drink it within five days. It won’t exactly taste very nice otherwise.

We think there’s a good chance you’re not keeping the next two things in the fridge. Want to know which products we’re talking about? Go to the next page!

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