12 cooking hacks you wish you had known about sooner

10. Needle in a lemon

Do you really want to use some lemon juice, but do you think it’s a waste to use the whole lemon for just a little juice? Then don’t run to the supermarket immediately to buy some lemon juice because you can easily get some juice without wasting the whole lemon. All you need is a thick needle. Roll a lemon over the countertop with your flat hand and stick the needle lengthwise in the bottom of the lemon. Then squeeze the lemon hard and watch the juice trickle out of the hole you just made. The lemon is now not as exposed to oxygen as when you cut it and therefore it will not go bad. Now you can still keep your lemon in the fridge for a little while.

11. Preserving your baguette

Does you baguette also get stale or tough quickly? There is a way to make your sad baguette go back to being the original delicious baguette with a crispy crust on the outside and soft bread on the inside just as you bought it. Simply pour water over the baguette and make sure that the entire crust is wet. Then put it in a pre-heated oven on 180 degrees Celsius. Put it in the oven for three minutes before turning it over. Leave it for another three minutes and check whether the crust is crisp again. If it’s not, leave the baguette in the oven for a little longer. You’ll see that the steam makes the crust crisp and the inside soft again.

12. Peeling ginger

When you want to peel a piece of ginger, you probably get a knife or a potato peeler to do it. Unfortunately, you take a lot more than the thin skin off that way and you lose some ginger in the process that you could have used in a dish. The following method is a lot safer and more convenient! If the piece of ginger is really big then cut it into two pieces to make it easier. Instead of a knife, use a spoon to get the skin off. That way you can easily remove the thin skin. What’s more, a spoon can get into those odd misshapen parts of the piece of ginger.

Are you curious about how these cooking hacks work? This video explains a few of them.

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Source: How To Make Sushi | Image: Pexels