What part of your body gains weight the quickest? This is what it can say about the cause

Love handles

This probably has to do with anxiety and stress. People who aren’t in the best mental state often find solace in snacks, mostly sweet ones. This will result in those love handles that appear over the edge of your pants. Try to figure out what is making you feel stressed and work on that. Yoga can help you to feel calm and is very good for your body as well.

Belly and back

You really don’t exercise enough. Were you an avid athlete before but have you stopped exercising now? Chances are that the body parts that used to be most trained are now storing the most fat. If you want to get rid of this fat, you’ll need to eat a healthy snack regularly. This will keep your metabolism going. You can get started on burning that excess fat by doing High-Intensity Interval Training: this is a way of training that has you alternate between short periods of time of training intensely and short periods of rest.


It’s important to take a critical look at your alcohol consumption because the ‘beer belly’ definitely isn’t a myth. Do you often feel bloated and do you feel like all of your excess weight is stored in your belly? Then alcohol is most likely the culprit. This often comes hand in hand with labored breathing as well. Enough reasons to dial down your alcohol consumption.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pixabay

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