7 nifty tricks every car owner should know about


Do you often have to drive long stretches, meaning you have to eat in your car? Try to put some paper muffin liners in your cup holders. Why? When you lay down your food while driving, such as a granola bar, the crumbs will go into the muffin liner, which you can easily throw away and replace. This means you won’t have to vacuum as often!


Did some of the oil from your car leak onto your driveway or garage floor? No worries! Grab a bottle or can of coke and pour this on the stain, enough to cover it in liquid. Wait for about 15 minutes and use a hard bristled brush to scrub the oil off the floor. Mop up the coke and rinse the floor with water. Why does it work? Coke contains carbonic acid and other acids that lifts the oil stain from stone or concrete.

Parking help

Do you have a small garage and are you scared you’ll drive up to the wall? You can easily make a cheap and simple parking help! You don’t need any fancy electronics. Drive your car into the garage until it’s in the right spot. Grab a tennis ball and cut a cross shape into it with a sharp knife. Tie a nut to a string and push the nut into the tennis ball. Hang the string from the ceiling in such a way that the tennis ball touches your windshield when the car is parked correctly. The next time you park your car, the tennis ball will hit your windshield when it’s time to stop.

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Source: Buzzfeed | Image: Video still

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