Man runs along highway to stop runaway car

runaway car

The driver lost consciousness for reasons unknown

When a woman from Massachusetts lost consciousness behind the wheel of her car, a Dominican man didn’t think twice and sprinted across the highway to stop her car. Eventually, the car stopped. The driver was safely transported to a hospital. 


Adolfo Molina was driving on a four-lane, snowy highway when he noticed a car driving on the shoulder of the road. He stopped his car and sprinted across the four lanes to get to the car. He tried to stop it by grabbing the door handles of the car. The car was brushing against the guardrails and kept gaining speed on the shoulder. On TikTok, one of the other drivers on the road recorded Molina running along side the car in an attempt to stop it.


Eventually, another person came to his aid. Both Molina and the other person tried to use sticks to stop the car from moving. The two tried to push the car into the guardrail to slow it down. In the end, they succeeded in stopping the car when it hit a divider. The driver, a 57-year-old woman from Massachusetts was transferred to the hospital to get the help she needed.


Adolfo Molina was honored in Boston for his actions, at the Dominican consulate. His wife, Maytee Pena, wasn’t surprised by her husband’s quick thinking. She told CBS Boston: “I was surprised [at first] but at the end of the day I wasn’t, because he’s a helpful person … Something in his mind just said ‘go help’ so he got out of the car and did what he needed to do, it was like a sign of God. God sent him to do that mission.”

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Source: Good News Network | Image: Unsplash, Jared Murray