Been sweating in your shoes? This is how you get rid of those nasty smells!

nasty smells

Nasty smells are easy to get rid of with this tip!

We love to wear sneakers – even when it’s warm out. They’re just very comfortable! But when we walk around in them for a longer period of time, we have to admit they tend to get a bit smelly. Smelly shoes will cause your feet to start sweating more quickly, which in turn will stink up your shoes even more. Time to give them a good clean!

There’s an easy solution for smelly shoes!

Nasty smells

To stop your shoes from emitting an unpleasant smell, it’s important to clean them properly. Plus, since prevention is better than cure, it’s also smart to make sure they won’t start to smell as quickly anymore. We’ve got a tip on how to get rid of stinky feet!

Coffee pads

To get rid of the unpleasant smell in your shoes you don’t need much: a few coffee pads will do the trick! An unused coffee pad will suck up the moisture and the smell from your shoes, as it were. Put an unused coffee pad in both shoes before going to bed in the evening and leave them in there over night. Take them out the following morning and your shoes will be as good as new. If you feel like it hasn’t helped as much you’d hoped, you can repeat the process a few more times. Don’t have coffee pads at home? You can also try this trick with unused tea bags!

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Source: Oma Weet Raad | Image: Pixabay